Noah’s Ark Preschool in Grangeville Idaho

Noah’s Ark Preschool is a ministry of Grangeville Christian Church.

For eligibility, children need to be 3 years of age by September 1st of the current year and completely and self-sufficiently potty-trained.

We offer two preschool classes to our community:

Monday-Wednesday-Friday Preschool Class for older four and young five year olds

Tuesday/Thursday Preschool class for three year olds and young fours year olds.

Both classes are geared towards age appropriateness.

School starts at 8:30 am., and runs through 11:00a.m.

Our goal is to partner with families to help reinforce the Christian values that Jesus taught us and to support our families by loving their children.

Contact the Grangeville Christian Church office for more information.